Testing for the People

Testing for the People FREE COVID-19 takes place EVERY WEDNESDAY from 8:00am – 4: 00pm

(We are closed for lunch from NOON -1pm)

No appointments required. However; for faster service, we ask that you complete the registration prior to your arrival.  To register, please use the COLOR registration link below:

Click HERE to  complete COLOR Registration

Please NOTE: You do NOT have to complete the information regarding medical insurance, as it is optional. This is a FREE test, and your medical insurance will NOT be charged. To bypass that question please select “No”. You can also select "prefer not to answer" for any of the optional questions you choose not to answer. This will not affect your ability to test with us.

After you register, please set a reminder to come in for testing at 7710 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95823 on Wednesday between 8:00am-11:30am or 1:00pm - 3:30pm. No reminders will be given from our site.

For more information about this transition to assisted self-administered testing, please watch the video below:

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @sscc7710 as we post the registration link on those social platforms as well.

If you would like to test prior to our next scheduled testing date, please consider visiting the other partnering community testing sites. Below is the link of all the dates and times available for this FREE community testing.

How do I get access to my results?

  • Your result will come to you within 72 hours of your testing by text and email. Provide both a phone number and an email address so they can get in touch with you quickly. 

    • In addition, you can go to to check if your test result is ready.  You will need your barcode and date of birth.

  • What if I lost my barcode?

    • You can call 833-594-1825 if you have lost your barcode or are unsure how to access your results. However, COLOR does not provide your actual result over the phone. They will just direct you about how to access it yourself online.

  • Those who have a positive test result and do not check their test result on the Color website will receive up to 10 autodial attempts from the State’s clinical call center within 48 hours to ensure the test result is received. NOTE: Spanish and other languages are available on these calls through the language line.

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